About us

The brand “(Edizioni) PVI” gathers all the publications by PVI srl pulishing house.


The Publishing House is organized into two different and separately named competence areas: Point Veterinaire Italie devoted to publications dealing with veterinary, agriculture, zootechnics and public health and PVI  for all the other fields, included food industry, human health, lab and chemical industries.

PVI is the owner of PVI Formazione, a company involved in continuous professional training, both e-learning and on the field. Its courses address to healthcare professionals (according to the national continuous development programme, ECM), farmers, breeders, agronomists and to food industry workers (food technologists, HACCP advisors, food production and food giving personnels, and more)


The brand PVI Communication marks all the Publishing House communication activities for customers and the sales network, applying as a provider for complete media services and tools.

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